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movie music.

so, here's the deal. I'm currently working on a short film and I'm editing it at the FAC. instead of burning a CD with all the music I'm gonna use, I'm just going to upload it here. So, enjoy.

this list will be updated for a while, so hold tight.

HGB- Bonnie Taylor Shakedown
HGB- Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
HGB- Dear Jamie
ATQ- Lullaby, Lullaby
ATQ- Plans Get Complex
RAG- Find Me Out
Lali Puna- The Dream of Evan and Chan Remix
Bright Eyes- At the Bottom of Everything
Bright Eyes- Sunrise, Sunset
Air- Venus
Beirut- The Gulag Orkestar
Bloc Party- She's Hearing Voices
DCFC-Line of Best Fit
DJ Danger Mouse- Dec 4th (Grey Album)
Dntel- Anywhere, Anyone
Islands- Where there's a will,...
Lisa Loeb- Diamonds
Metric- The Twist
Metric- Dr. Blind
Microphones- Between Your Ear...
Stars- He Lied About Death
OTC- Giant Day
RAG- I could go on
The Killers- Read My Mind
The Killers- Everything Will Be Alright.

Tegan and Sara- Speak Slow


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