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looks like this time again I'll have to back-track on what I said...

I can't believe I haven't made a post about The Olivia Tremor Control yet. Probably because everyone knows them already and how GREAT they are, butyeah. Well, thanks to Optical Atlas, I've found a rare demo version of the song, "Love Athena". To be technically correct, it's a demo by the band The Sunshine Fix which is Bill Doss's band (of the OTC)...but, youknow. I was so excited by the intro that I was hoping that the whole song would be taken down a notch. Even though it's not, it's still an interesting listen. So, check it out!

The Sunshine Fix- "Love Athena"

and just for kicks...
The Olivia Tremor Control- "Love Athena"
The Olivia Tremor Control- "Suite One" from The John Peel Sessions

You can buy OTC CDs at cloud recordings.
Also, check out elephant6.com
and the e6 town hall message board.

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