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something old, something new.

Hoorah for second entries! In this post, I'll be discussing Venice is Sinking and Elefant.

The first band I'll be discussing is Venice is Sinking. They're from Athens, GA, which is extremly close to where I live. Mysteriously, I just recently heard about this band even though they've been playing since 2004. I can't find much information about them (the band bio on their site tells a story of a 1700s seafaring merchant) but, apparently, the new record deals with love and loss, since two band members broke up with their partners. Also, their keyboardist left for NYC (somebody cue Meredeth Bragg's "New York") and was later replaced.

Anyway, let's get to their music. Here's the song "Pulaski Heights" off their album Sorry About the Flowers
Venice is Sinking- "Pulaski Heights"
(Buy the album here)

The next band is a bit older, and you've probably heard of them. Their name is Elefant and they're pretty cool.
A while ago, I downloaded their song "Make Up" from the lovely Epitonic.com and I was interested. The song wasn't great, but I could tell the band had great potential. Recently, I was in a CD store and they had their older album, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, for two dollars. So I picked it up hoping my conclusions were right. And that they were! The second song on the album (after "Make Up") is called "Now That I Miss Her" and it's really catchy! So, here's your chance to hear it and maybe check out SMMP and their new one, The Black Magic Show.

Elefant- "Now That I Miss Her"
(buy the album here)

I hope you enjoy this entry and keep coming back for more! I'm going to try to update this blog every friday (and maybe once more during the week). And, if you like any of the music, leave a comment! Have a great weekend!

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my friends anna and ashley saw elefant play to, like, 6 people last year up in charlotte and said they were great. the fact that diego is HOT helps. ;-P

ahh. I would love to be there. The less people, the better. And yes, he's quite a looker ;)

Ugh, I wish Greenville had as much of as scene as Athens.

Speaking of Athens, I'm seeing Of Montreal in March. What do you think of them?

Ohh man. I really want to like them. They're psych, loosely part of the elephant 6...but, I don't know. There's just something about them I don't like. I don't know if it's the vocals or something...I just don't like them that much. I heard their live shows are a blast, though; I'd love to see one.

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