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Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I hope your day is going well! Now, on to the music.

The first band I'm profiling is CSS (or Cansei De Ser Sexy, which means "Tired of Being Sexy). Last night, I finally got around to watching Subterranean, a music video show on MTV2 which displays music videos by hot indie acts. It's an okay show, great way to see some cool videos in high-quality. Well, anyway, just before I went to sleep, the video for CSS's "Alala" came on, and I was blown away. The video was pretty cool, and the song was awesome. It reminds me a lot of Peaches- Silly, Dancy, but a bit dark. I figured this band was super new, but upon research, I found out they've been around since 2003 and became pretty popular in South America. I'm sure this video is a bit old, but I'm posting it (along with an MP3) for your enjoyment.


CSS- "Alala"
(buy the album here)

Now, the second band is one that I CAN'T stop hearing buzz about. The band is called Snowden and they're pretty cool. I've heard a lot off their album, and this song is one of my favorites. It's called "Anti-Anti" and is incredibly dance-able. The band is from Atlanta, Georgia and is signed to Jade Tree Records. I imagine they'll be pretty popular, seeing as they've toured with the Unicorns, Clap Your Hands, and The Arcade Fire. This is about all the information I can find about them, so for now, just enjoy the MP3.

Snowden- "Anti-Anti"

(buy the album here)

Well, this has been fun, and I hope you enjoy the music. Remember, if you like what you hear, support the artists, buy the album, etc. etc. See ya.

"Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above" is another pretty good song by CSS. Although, there is a moment that makes cringe because of its corny-ness.

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