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a little bit late.

I also plan on posting this weekend, but I thought I'd post a few songs to hold you over since I was late with my Monday post.

First off, I'm posting an old Magnetic Fields song. I don't think I really need to delve into them, since everyone knows who they are. I just heard this song today, though, and totally love it. It's from the album 69 Love Songs.

The Magnetic Fields- "I don't want to get over you."
(buy the album from amazon)

The next artist is a comedian I found on myspace. His name is Liam Sullivan, and he performs a variety show with an array of characters. One of them is "Kelly" and has this hilarious song called "Text Message Break Up." I think it's hilarious, and I hope you enjoy it!

Kelly- "Text Message Break Up"
(buy the album from the liam show)

I know, it's a lazy post you guys, but this week has been pretty hectic. I PROMISE the weekend entry will be great. And full of songs. Love!

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